2020 Events

All Tuesday events begin at Elm Hall Methodist Church Hall at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Weekend visits are by arrangement.

  • Tuesday 21st January *

    Make A Clay Pot! Demonstration atDavid’s pottery class, John Archer Hall. Presentation: Re-homing Hedgehogs

  • Tuesday 18th February:

    Squash Nutrition: A talk by Beck Vipond about the organisation, which promotes healthy eating through its gardens, cafe, shop and courses.

  • Tuesday 17th March: *


  • Tuesday 21st April:

    Community Gardening. A talk by Annie Merry of Faiths For Change

  • Saturday 10th May:

    Members’ visit to Oxton Open Gardens TBC – contact David

  • Sunday 14th June:

    Members visit to Fir Tree Farm, Kings Moss.  Contact Sheila

  • Sunday 19th July: 

    Members’ visit to Woolerton Old Hall Gardens

  • Tuesday 4th August: 

    6.30pm Visit to Gillmoss recycling plant TBC

  • Tuesday 15th September:

           Produce Show and Problem Forum.

  • Tuesday 20th October:  


  • Tuesday 17th November:

         Sara Clowes talks about her work as a River Catchment Host,        improving rivers for people and wildlife.

  • Tuesday 11th December:

  • Christmas Social (venue to be announced)

* seed swap at these meetings

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