Events’ History

Tuesday 18th September: Produce Show and Problem Forum

Members met for the first meeting of the autumn back at Elm Hall Drive.  Questions were asked on the subjects of the summer drought consequences,  options for weeding an area full of daffodil bulbs, and leek pests among others. Some beautiful produce was brought for members to purchase.

Tuesday 17th April: Wildlife Gardening

An entertaining talk by one of LOG’s early members, George Pilkington.  He treated us to the progress of two of his gardens as he converted them from standard gardens to wildlife gardens, including wildflower meadows instead of lawns, hedgehog tunnels in fences and nest boxes for birds and bees. He also introduced his new bird feeder designed specifically for the use of blue tits who like to feed on their own.

Tuesday 17th October:  AGM and Video

With a slight change to the advertised running order the business of the AGM was swiftly concluded and we settled in to watch an old episode of Muck and Magic featuring our very own famous gardener Ruth Jacobs!



Tuesday 19th September – Produce Show and Problem Forum

So, with all the beautiful fruit and veg to show this evening I chose to take a photo of Daniel’s garden fungi!  A chat on fungi in lawns came to the conclusion we would just love them and leave them.  Other discussions were on practical issues like slugs in kitchens and planting sweetcorn for succession (it was decided this wan’t particularly practical as sweetcorn are a seasonal veg).

Sunday 20th August: Visit to Ford Lane Garden

A community garden in Ford, north Liverpool

Tuesday 17th January 2017 – Members’ Evening

A series of short talks and demonstrations were given on our very own website, attracting wildlife to our gardens and making seedbombs.

Tuesday 15th November 2016 – A Year In The Life Of A Speke Hall Volunteer


An informative evening and lively talk by Louise Kinney, a former volunteer, now employed gardener at Speke Hall.  Louise’s enthusiasm for the gardens and slide show of a year in pictures from the previous 12 months at the Speke Hall walled garden attracted a large crowd to Elm Hall Drive.

Tuesday 20th September – Produce Show and Problem Forum

Members once again congregated in the hall at Elm Hall Drive to discuss topics including slimey compost and garden pests. Donations were made to LOG funds for all produce that was brought on the night.

Sunday 21st August – Visit to Member’s Allotment

dingle vale allotment runner bean picking
A lovely sunny afternoon held between our member’s plot on Dingle Vale allotments and then at their home. Members were treated to the fab DIY greenhouse and plentiful runner beans before back to the home garden containing plentiful raspberry canes and fruit trees.

Tuesday 15th March – The Work Of The Woodland Trust

Susan Green introduced us to the work of the Woodland True, giving us a fascinating insight into native tree planting and the problems associated with developments in and around woodlands.

Tuesday 16th February 2016 – Permaculture: Living With The Land Videos

A series of videos were viewed, available from the Permaculture magazine website, sparking debate and inspiration among members.
Tuesday 19th January 2016 – Pick ‘n’ Mix members’ Evening

An informative night with two small talks by members on the subjects of good techniques for gardening by Mollie, our resident retired physiotherapist, and Ingrid’s New Leaf gardening project at the Transforming Choice centre in Aigburth.


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